The art project “breathing” is carried out partly on the Internet and partly as exhibition projects starting in Iceland, May 2002 and so far continuing in Denmark, September-October 2002 and Sweden, September-December 2003.

In the winter of 2001/2002 we contacted people in 35 countries around the world by sending a white cardboard box containing the following:

a letter
a white folder containing the artwork ”breathing”, consisting of seven pieces of paper with text and drawings
a roll of double sided tape
a note book
a pencil
a disposable camera
a return envelope

In the letter we requested a response after three weeks and this forms an important part of the exhibitions and this web-site.

With the starting point in our art we are suggesting a dialogue with people in other parts of the world - and in the second phase a dialogue between the participants and that between anyone else who might be interested.

The art project “breathing” is supported by the Danish Contemporary Art Foundation (DCA) and Fondet af 1. juli 1981.

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