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February 24th
22:00 Hs
I just set the papers. This is the easiest place to have them.
My older daughter, JANA, would not sleep! She slept 3 hours this afternoon. She assists me on setting this work
This should be done by March 17t

Feb 25th
My younger daughter – LUNA – said this is very weird odd.

March 1st
Maristela, my girl friend, lives in another city. When she saw the work on the glases she said:
“What are you doing? You can’t live without inventing? Again?”
It was friendly and I told her it is not my invention, it is someone else.

March 6th
Luna wondered what is breathing. She doesn’t (???) english and the wanted a translation.

March 8th
We don’t need any order to breath.
We just do it.
We can always do it better, but we can’t avoid breathing.

March 10th
- Why do you have white s(??)s on the (???)?
- To stand the air in or out.
To kup the movement of your lungs

March 14th
Maristela said that when she read the work (breathing in / out) she felt she was very speedy, and that she should slow down.
She is very speedy!