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placed the work ”breathing” in a room, that is without a special destination

it’s a working space with computer and a sewing machine

a place for incredible collected paper stuff

two mattresses for guests / hanging out in the sunshine
coming in / playing with our child and having a nap

now it is filled with sole that keeps us alive


sitting at the table beside my old and solid sewing-machine
my eyes are following the seven sheets and make me remember my inner motor

lying down on the mattress and waiting for the moment to forget about breathing and anything else. Just feel the constant rhythm.

watching my baby, while sleeping. I have to come very close to her, to hear her breathing. When she was some days old I was often afraid, that she could stop breathing.

lying side by side, we try to breath in the same rhythm

like walking in the same rhythm

breathing in the warm sunlight of an autumn day

the written words

breathing in
breathing out

remind me of the instructions while giving birth – to control birth by breathing in the right way was the strongest experience for me.

Watching the 1 minute-lines make me thinking of all other lines all over the world.

It’s like needlework but very vivid

like the idea of working at the small table, looking to the right and stop for a while, because the work breathing is interrupting me

it’s like a short time meditation

then, my eyes are focussing another direction

there is a window in front of me: see some trees and the campus of the High School for music

the student there must learn how to set their breathing

like the size of the seven sheets. It’s almost as long as the mattresses measuring of a person

so I can lie “under” the work and feel it like a line above me

there is sth. similar of the imprint of the body in a ?hion and the work

– as if the breath of the person is imprinted, too.

the nearly invisible movement of the body while breathing in + out

I have a look on the list, where you sent the work

we are breathing in almost the same rhythm, but the air we breath all over the world is so different

smell of a rose

smell of a crowded bus on a hot summer day

smell of your home coming back after a journey

I leave the following pages free, to have more space for

breathing in

Kisses Annett