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Yrsa Hörn Helgadóttir

Whenever I come into the kitchen I get a little startled to see this white stripe almost covering the wall.

Jara 12 years old:
Mom! Do you really think this is an excellent work of art?

Reflections on the work (sitting by the kitchen table). The pencil strokes were probably drawn while the artist was breathing in and breathing out.

Hlyn would like to take a picture of the work with the Christmas lights. He did so while we were decorating for Christmas. Everyone is allowed to join in , even “White”. That’s what I decided to call this new “member of the family” to tell it from the other members.

Mom is coming over to cook Laufrabraut (deep-fried round cakes with leaf patterns). She didn’t notice She didn’t seem to notice “White” but she probably thought, what the hell is this? After a while I asked, Mom haven’t you noticed the work of art on the wall?
Yes, damned…..
That was the reaction.

When Hugga came in she leaned towards ”White” asking, What is this?????

Dana Jóna, in the middle of a sentence: What is this? She thought I was having fun with relaxation, to remind myself to breathe.