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Tuesday – February 5, 2002
Got the package – tried figuring out whom it was from before opening it – didn’t know – opened it anyway. My son said – are you sure it’s not anthrax? – the thought never occurred to me although – in these troubled times – maybe it should have – how ironic, afterward, to read “breathing in”, “breathing out” – this anthrax sender has a mocable sense of humor.
Anyway – I took it for what it said it was in the letter – found only one blank wall big enough for the whole work – couldn't unpeel the double tape so used masking tape – hung it up – a bit crooked … dusted a little
my son said – is this art ?

Saturday, Feb. 9
This evening we got around to take the photo of “breathing in” -“breathing out” where I hung it (computer room) In the picture with me are Amikai (my youngest son (16½) and Jagy, our dog. We took a couple of shots just in case they didn’t come out so well – never used a disposable camera before …

Monday, Feb. 11
The weather was nice – right after a rain – just right for “breathing in …” – went for a walk in the fields around the kibbutz. Everything has just turned green and lots of red anemones.
The walk was just the right thing to take my mind off what’s going on in Israel an on the kibbutz. Spring comes even if there’s an intifada . . .
I brought back a small souvenir (A dried flower has been taped into the notebook. HG & SHS.)
I took the picture of the notebook in its place – again some extra ones just in case . . .

Sat. February 23
The masking tape holding up the papers is beginning to loosen its grips – I had to reglue a couple of spots. I told some of my friends about “breathing in, breathing out”

March 16
I should have sent this off a couple of week ago but I was never home together with my son and a third person to take the picture outside our house – at least not when it was light outside – I finally gave up & we took the picture in the dark.
Tomorrow I’ll send this project off.

March 17 –
Took a walk + the last photo – of the hills around the Kibbutz. One without flash. Then the flash was still on so I took another picture – some branches against the sky.
The name of this project is so timely in the situation I’m living in – around me there is more or less a war going on – breathing in, breathing out is what one keeps on doing in spite of everything that goes on around.
Just existing . . .
from day to day . . .
breathing in . . .
breathing out . . .