The project “breathing” is a piece of art which is not meant as a closed, completed and self contented work. The spectator is not presented with any final conclusion. On the contrary she or he is faced with an introduction to a dialogue where other statements are created by the production, the context and not forgetting the spectator her/himself.

The project implicates an investigation and examination of the relationship between the work, the artist and the spectator inside as well as outside the art institution. However, in connection with this project it does not seem adequate to talk about a spectator. One can participate on more than one level: As a person who was contacted by us, as a visitor at an exhibition, or as an active user of our web-site forum, so for want of a better word we can substitute “the spectator” with “the person who gets involved”.

Another important aspect is our idea of starting a process, which in principle is unending. By continually giving away the unlimited original work “breathing” to anyone who requests it, the piece of art looses its sale value, but perhaps for that very reason the focus will be more on the art value - and of art and art value altogether. So likewise the project implicates an exploration of the influence of the context on the perception of the work - what constitutes, limits and influences the work of art?

The web-site is a central part of the project making it possible for everyone (with Internet access) to participate in the dialogue and develop the discussion which we open - and through this become part of the project. It is essential to us that the project is open to everyone, and every reaction is valuable to us. Professional people have a different perspective than non-professionals and both approaches are important to this investigation.

If you would like a series of 7 sheets of the unlimited original artwork “breathing” please contact us.